About Raintree

The Rain Tree Foundation is a non-government, social grass-root organization registered under the Ministry of Interior focusing on rural and underdeveloped communities in Thailand. Our aim is to give people the power to improve their lives through education and self-help projects.

Raintree Foundation Chiangmai -  915

The organization was founded in 1992 under the name Thai Care e.V. In 2009, the name changed to Rain Tree Foundation in Thailand but continued as Thai Care e.V. in Germany. The two organizations are still closely linked and support a variety of different projects. Our office in Thailand is responsible for the administration and project coordination while Thai Care e. V. focuses on fundraising, public relations and placement of foster children.

Our main focus is education and child development along with sustainable community development. We support several different projects such as: children’s homes, foster children program, supporting of remote village schools, informal vocational training, eyeglass project and providing water supply systems and drinking water as well as assisting local coffee cooperatives and other social enterprise projects. 

We are based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, which is in close range to most of our projects. Our office and most of the 20 employees are also located in this province.
The Rain Tree Foundation is financed solely on the generosity of others.