Raintree Foundation Chiangmai -  904

In our Foster Program we help children in difficult situations, where their families are unable to provide for their own basic needs and education. Therefore making it difficult and impossible for the children to grow up in a safe, healthy environment. Usually a foster child will continue living with its family, but in difficult situations it is necessary to relocate the child to a student or children’s home. We have two project regions for the sponsorship program, Mae Hong Son and Wat Chan.

Raintree Foundation Chiangmai -  905

We conduct the Foster Program in close collaboration with our partner Thai Care e.V. in Germany which manages the whole process and serve the child’s foster parents. The Rain Tree Foundation takes care of the children in Thailand and your support will be well received and purposeful used. Our field staff visits them regularly and the Rain Tree Foundation office team personally visits all foster children at least twice a year to ensure the proper care and education of the children.

You can support a child. We are able to provide the child with healthy food, a school uniform and materials, medical care and much more. We ensure that all of your financial help will be used for the child’s need.
Sponsoring a child means giving a positive change in their lives.
Interested in sponsoring a child? Find out how to become a foster parent.