Raintree Foundation Chiangmai -  889

The children´s homes are a great responsibility for us and our staff. Most of the children come from families with challenging and problematic backgrounds. Some children are orphans, have been abused, have parents that are terminally ill or have problems with addiction.

We aim to provide the children with a safe and loving environment to grow up in and provide them with a good education to give them a positive outlook for their future.

Raintree Foundation Chiangmai -  890

Almost all of the children are from the Karen hill tribe. Since the Karen tribal people have a very different language and culture they have problems integrating into the competitive and materialistic Thai society. Therefore it is very important to provide these children with a proper education in Thai as well as in English.

By providing these children with a good education we are confident they are being afforded the rightful opportunity for a better future in life.

Our present children’s homes are in these provinces: Mae Na Chorn, Mae Hae, Mae La Noi, Ranong, Khum Yuam.