Happy Suda !

Happy Suda blog post

While the children are visited and accompanied by our local care staff all year round, the Chiang Mai office staff also visit the children 2-3 times a year and attend visits to both the family and the schools.

In September 2013 Karin, the secretary of Thai Care, the staff of the Raintree Foundation and I went on exactly this kind of foster trip.

When we visited some children in Mae La Noi, we were asked to look at a family that is not doing well and where especially the little girl of the family is suffering from severe deficits.
So we visited little Suda at home and after an interview with her mother we immediately took her into our sponsorship program as an emergency child. The mother is a single parent and can hardly care for her family (3 children) so that many important vitamins were missing due to lack of fruits and vegetables.

The little Suda hit it hardest, because of the lack of nutrition all her hair had fallen out.
I thought it was admirable how cheerful and bright the little girl was despite her baldness. During the one-hour visit the girl smiled around the clock.

From now on, we provided the family with a lot of fruit and especially with medical preparations. But even after one year there was no improvement. It was not until April 2015 that Sudan’s hair began to grow very slowly. When the foster letters fluttered into my house in the summer of 2015 (in these foster letters the children draw pictures for their foster parents, write letters to them, and a current photo is always attached) one could already see a clear improvement. The hair came back, there were hairy sports all over her head.

When my mother helped me to put the foster letters into the individual envelopes during this year’s summer holidays, she said to me: “Anne, you must have made a mistake with Suda’s photo. I guess you mixed it up with another child’s photo.”

I checked it again, smiled and told her to look at the photo closely.
“I cannot believe it!” was my mum’s reaction. “Her hair is back!”

In the case of Suda, the valuable support of her foster mother took years to become “visible”. But by the additional provision of food, the life of her family had improved immediately.

In this example you can see the importance of support for our project children. Each child has individual needs and the foster fee is used individually for each child. One child needs urgent drugs, the other child needs clothes and school supplies and Suda needed a new hairstyle 😉She got one! Thanks to her godmother!

I would like to thank all the sponsors who make the lives of our children so much better by their continuous support!

Anne Rieken
Thai Care e.V. Germany