Become a Fundraiser

Became a fundriser

Being a Fundraiser means supporting us in your own community. As a foundation we are dependent on donations and are wholeheartedly grateful for any amount we receive. Here are some suggestions on how you can support the Rain Tree Foundation as a Fundraiser:

Donation Boxes
Place Rain Tree Foundation donation boxes in places that are in the public view within your company, local shops, pharmacies, coffee shops, bakeries, etc.

Banner Adverts
On your homepage you can include a Rain Tree Foundation banner or a link to our site. This helps us increase public awareness and generate more assistance for our needy projects.

Charity Events
Create charity events. Sell one of your products and have the proceeds go entirely, or partly, to the Rain Tree Foundation – make it a temporary sales promotion which leads to great publicity for both parties! From experience we have found that these promotions create a very positive response because they serve a good cause.

Wish Donations
Are you or a friend celebrating a birthday or company anniversary? Give a “Make a Wish Donation” for the benefit of the Rain Tree Foundation and present it to your colleagues or business partners instead of gifts.

Share your expertise!
The characteristics of our work put us in challenging situations in which we have to cope. However, in certain situations we depend on professional advice, training and seminars to put our new “brain stormed projects” into action. Your support and intellect helps increase the efficiency and sustainability of our programs.

For more ideas and further information check our Fundraising Guide

Interested? Please contact us.