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Happy Suda blog post

Happy Suda !

While the children are visited and accompanied by our local care staff all year round, the Chiang Mai office staff also visit the children 2-3 times a year and attend visits to both the family and the schools. In September 2013 Karin, the secretary of Thai Care, the staff of the Raintree Foundation and I went on exactly this kind

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Me Magazine Bangkok

Featured on Me Magazine

The Raintree Foundation In 1992, the social welfare Raintree Foundation (formerly known as Thai Care) was founded in North Thailand. Our first projects were building and funding day care centers in remote villages for underprivileged children. Today, we still are very much grass root oriented and operate as a team, now being a fully registered NGO, empowering rural communities in

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handmade dolls

Handmade Dolls

A big thank you to the hardworking donors who have crafted every single part with much love and care! The mother of Philip has crocheted many dolls and small animals, and Trixi and her friends made hats and socks. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done! Look how happy the children are!

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foster trip

Foster Trip

Foster Trip in the rainy season in Northern Thailand Our latest foster children trip was interrupted by heavy rain falls and muddy roads and made it some days impossible to drive to the villages. But our office staff and our local field staff don’t mind difficult situations and took the challenge again. For us it is important to see our

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