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Karen Coffee Project

The highlands of Northern Thailand provide excellent conditions to grow Arabica coffee plants. Many hill tribe farmers are growing organic coffee. But they do not know how to market their products or to produce a stable quality. Often they are in debt and they sell their coffee beans below market price and may not get paid fully.

About 70 families have started to supplying coffee to their own village cooperatives. The Rain Tree Foundation functions as a drop-in center for certain issues like: seeds, organic fertilizer, nursery equipment, knowledge exchange, processing, storage, marketing, etc.. It is our aim to gradually improve the farmer's income by developing the farming techniques, improving the processing and quality control and streamlining the marketing efforts. At the moment we are surveying other coffee cooperatives to learn their methods so that they can be transferred to the hill tribe people.


Presently working with the coffee farmers and cooperatives it became really obvious on how important the role of the Rain Tree Foundation is. Since the coffee market situation in Thailand was in 2011/2012 too unsecure, the farmers were glad to have a competent and trustworthy partner on hand. We are going to continue our vision of improving peoples lifes and we looking forward with great excitement for the seasons to come. We are always loking for competent partners and green bean buyers which are also dedicated to support the cooperative.

As for the season of 2015 we are looking for buyers, small roasting shops and any organization or company that is willing to receive green bean samples to establish long term business relationships to ensure to the farmers to be sustainable. If you are interested pelase don't hesitate to contact us.

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