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Eyeglasses Project

When my grandmother in Germany died, I got a box of old eyeglasses from my mother, which I took to North Thailand and gave to some villagers with poor eyesight. Back home I sent pictures with the recycled eyeglasses and tribal woman wearing them. The response was that more eyeglasses where collected among friends and relatives. This quietly grew into a serious project and now we receive and donate annually about 600 – 800 eyeglasses. We are not professional opticians, but we operate with a selective system that has proven quite well.

Most people find life changes because of their new eyeglasses. They can start to read again, work again and do things that they stopped doing because of their limited eye sight.

In the early days we went to villages to distribute the eye glasses. Nowadays we have “centers” where people come, sometimes from faraway places in the mountains, to get the eyeglasses. Sometimes we take the eyeglasses to refugee camps or very distant rural areas. Some of the eyeglasses have even made it to the Sea Gypsy villages in South Thailand, the Andaman Sea. We do still need many eyeglasses and we are looking forward to receiving your old ones. But please do not send them to Thailand in parcels or by mail. The eyeglasses are subject to very high import taxes according to the Thai Law.

If you have friends visiting Thailand have them hand carry the glasses to Thailand as this is the best and the cheapest way. You are most welcome to deliver your eyeglasses personally and join us when we travel to various villages and distribute the eyeglasses together.


Please contact us if you need more information's or if you have any question.