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Hydraulic Ram Pump

The Rain Tree Foundation aims at provide the villagers with access to a sufficient amount of water for their daily needs and to make it possible to conduct successful farming. Especially in the seasons with no or little rain, as then the villagers spend most of their time carrying water and therefore they are not able to irrigate and grow their own vegetables and fruits in their village or community. Hydraulic Ram Pumps pump water to the village homes providing a steady water supply for households, farms, fish ponds, livestock, irrigation systems and other water based purposes.

Hydraulic Ram Pumps use downhill water pressure to pump water much higher than its origin, with no other power source needed. They are one of the only solutions to pump water where there is no access to electricity or gasoline and they can pump the water to a much higher elevation and over longer distances than commonly available water pumps.
The Rain Tree Foundation use Hydraulic Ram Pumps from their competent partner Meribah Ram Pump, for their projects because ram pumps have proved their reliability since more than 200 years, they are extremely simple with just two moving parts and they don’t need an external source of power.
Uses of Hydraulic Ram Pumps:

- Lifting water from springs, wells, streams, rivers to settlements on higher ground.
- Pumping water from springs, wells, streams, rivers that have a significant slope.
- Lifting irrigation water from streams or raised irrigation channels

Whenever a water source is available and the area is not completely flat, there is always a possibility to install an Hydraulic Ram Pump.


More information's about Hydraulic Ram Pumps :

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