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Our Team

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Wanida Theptit, President tl_files/webpics/our_team/wanida.jpg

Born in Chiang Mai and finishing High School she moved to Bangkok for further studies at the Ramkamheng University. Later she became a day-care teacher working at various kindergarten Projects. Her final position was the Head Teacher at the YMCA Day-Care centre in Bangkok Sathorn. After getting married she assisted her husband with the social work activities and is now the president of the Rain Tree Foundation.

Ralf Oberg, Director tl_files/webpics/our_team/ralf.jpg

After graduating from High School and being a car mechanic apprentice in Germany he went to Thailand in 1986 to become a volunteer. There he was working with a NGO in a slum children project for the period of 5 years. In 1991 he established his first day-care centre in North Thailand. At the same time he founded his machinery business in Bangkok to support his family and some of the projects. More projects like children homes, self-help projects, community development work and green energy projects came into existence. All these projects are now under the Rain Tree Foundation that Ralf co-founded in 2008 together with his wife and friends.


tl_files/webpics/our_team/thomas.jpgThomas Singer, Technical Advisor

Born in Germany. After graduating from High School, he successfully completed his apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic in the year 2000. He worked in his field of work in several well known German companies until beginning of the year 2006. After having travelled in Thailand for three month, he decided to join the Rain Tree Foundation (former “Thai Care Organization”) in May 2006.


tl_files/webpics/our_team/ampai.jpgAmpai Maneewan, Administrator

Khruu Noi was born in Chiang Mai. She got two degrees from Payap University, one Bachelor of Arts in Thai language (B.A.) and one Master of Divinity (M.Div). Khruu Noi’s professional carrier led her to work with World Vision Foundation for three years, with “Mountain People Culture and Development (MPCD) for 5 years and with the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC) for 11 years.


tl_files/New Page About Us/Team/Maddi.jpgMadeleine Winterling, Foster & Volunteer Coordinator

Madeleine or with her nickname Maddi was born in Germany. She successfully completed her apprenticeship as a milliner and worked 12 years as a Visual Merchandiser in a multinational retail-clothing company. Finally she decided to go on a work and travel trip for one year to New Zealand and Australia, before she came to Thailand to live and work for 2 ½ years. She have now a son with her Thai husband and decided to join the Rain Tree Foundation in May 2015.


tl_files/New Page About Us/Team/Ko.JPGSomsri Kasemloedtrakool, Project Coordinator

Nickname Ko, was born in Mae Hae Tai, in the district Mae Chaem. Ko is from the Karen Hill Tribe. She finished high school in Mae Chaem and is studying in Chiang Mai at the Rajaphat University on her weekends. Ko is with the Rain Tree Foundation since April 2013.


tl_files/New Page About Us/Team/Ann.JPGAranya Powei, Account Manager

Nickname Ann was born in Phrao, Chiang Mai. She is from the Karen Hill Tribe. She studied at the Chiang Mai Rajaphat University and got two degrees in Human Resource Management and Teaching Profession. Afterwards she worked at Salesian Order Foundation Thailand for 3 years and YWCA for 2 years. Ann joined the Rain Tree Foundation in May 2013.     


tl_files/New Page About Us/Team/kung.JPG

Kridsana Phasuk, Administrator

 Nickname Kung was born in Chiang Rai. She got two degrees from Mae Jo University in Master of Science (M.S) and a Bachelor of Science from Chiang Mai Rajaphat University. She worked at NGO organizations as vocational trainer for 9 refugee camps along the Thai-Burmese border (Mae Hong Son, Mae Sod, Kanchanaburi and Ratchaburi for 6 years and with ACTED for 3 years. Especially 1 year for migrant’s children in Tak areas. Kung joined the Rain Tree foundation in May 2016.

tl_files/webpics/our_team/Anne.jpgAnne Rieken, President

After finishing secondary school she spent one year working in a school for disabled children before she decided to begin her studies to become a teacher. Directly after receiving her First State Examination of Education she volunteered in the Mae Hae project in 2007. Since her first time of volunteering she started to visit and support the projects of the Rain Tree Foundation constantly. In 2010 she spent three months in Thailand working for the foundation and decided to found the non-profit association Thai Care e. V. when she was back in Germany. She is now responsible for the public relations, organizes events and coordinates the work of Thai Care e. V. Germany. For the school year 2013/2014 she applied for leave of absence in order to focus on the increase and expansion of the Thai Care Assocation.

tl_files/webpics/our_team/Elfriede.jpgElfriede Rieken, Second Chairwoman

Supporting her daughter’s interests in helping poor children in Thailand the recently retired Kindergarten teacher helped to found Thai Care e. V. in 2010. As the second chairwoman she does office work and wants to use her new free-time to concentrate on fundraising.


tl_files/webpics/our_team/Andreas.jpgAndreas Brinker, Treasurer

After his training as retail salesman in 2007 he spent three months in Thailand and worked as a volunteer in the Mae Hae project. Andreas enjoyed spending time with the kids and wanted to help them so he co-founded Thai Care e .V. Germany in 2010. As treasurer he is responsible for the finances.


tl_files/webpics/our_team/Karin.jpgKarin Schulte, Secretary

After finishing her studies in social work and education she’s now studying to become a teacher. With her final degree in September 2013 she will spend some weeks in the Chiang Mai office and in the projects to get a closer look of what the Rain Tree Foundation does in detail.

Throughout the year, volunteers support our work and join our team. With their skills, ideas and high motivation they are making a big contribution to the success of our work. If you want to know more about volunteering with the Rain Tree Foundation - click here.