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Our Latest News

Community Help

2014-07-04 10:26 by Thomas

We are glad to help more children to get a better education or even the access to such. In a small village in the Mae Hong Son district of northern Thailand was a little children home established by the community. We helped them in the past and continue in the future since it’s a great initiative from the local community which we really love to support. With only a little help we can do so much for the underprivileged. If you want to help too, please contact us

Wat Chan Awareness Activity

2014-06-26 13:59 by Thomas

Just last week the school in the district from Wat Chan had his annual activities for the teachers and the students. Their goal is to create awareness against alcohol and narcotic drug abuse as well as what a healthy and save social structure within the family and community means. We are glad that the school takes initiative on that topic to prepare and teach the children. In this school there are some of the children which are in our foster children program as well as volunteers which helping the children to learn English.

New Toys for the Children

2014-05-28 11:49 by Thomas

Thanks to Anja for the generous donation for a lot of toys and for stationeries towards the children in the Mae Hae children's home. Also a big thank you to all people involved helping to raise funds.

Foster Children Visit

2014-05-23 10:05 by Thomas

On our last foster children visit the children gave us a lot of drawings and little presents for their foster parents; these are some of their works of art!

For more information about how to sponsor a child you can go to

Parents meeting

2014-05-15 10:43 by Thomas

The new school term start by the mid of May and we invited all the parents and relatives from the children staying in the children home. It is more like a review for the last term and a future plan for the coming school year. So the children’s parents, our hostel parents and the head master from the school have the possibility to share their expectations as well as common ideas on how we can care for the children better to improve their lives. For us it’s important to have a close and good relationship to be a big family.

RTF Staff Retreat

2014-04-07 13:34 by Thomas

The RTF team rarely has the chance of getting all together. That's why, once a year, we do a staff retreat to spend some quality time together. This year we went to Mae Ngat, a reservoir about an hour away from Chiang Mai. All the staff from the mountains could get together, and we had plenty of time to share, relax and of course... eat!


English for Children

2014-03-31 12:13 by Thomas

Since we started our English teaching program in the mountain schools in northern Thailand our students have improved their grades in an average of 40%!
Thank you to all the English teachers that have helped us achieve this, without your effort this wouldn't have been possible.

New bedding for the children

2014-03-20 13:42 by Thomas

Look at the children’s faces how happy they are. Through generous support we have been able to supply new beddings towards a school with hostel with 50 children in the Mae Hong Son district in Northern Thailand. Another 22 children in the greater Mae Sariang area, south-west of Mae Hong Son, also received new blanket, bed sheets and pillows. Both places were in need for a long time and the old beddings have been used for years and most of them covered with holes. Since we sleep almost one third of our lives proper bedding is not less essential like cloths, food, water and hygiene. Now the children can sleep in a clean, comfortable and healthy new bed, prepared and well rested for the day to learn at school and playing games. A big thank you to Uli, Helmut, their friends and patrons as well as all the other involved to help us to help the children.

54 families received safe and clean drinking water

2014-03-11 15:47 by Thomas

Thanks to all donors, friends, organizations and companies for your great help and support. We have successfully installed another 54 BioSand Filters in Northern Thailand.  These filters will last for 20 years, don’t need any additional energy source, having absolutely no running and maintenance costs and are easy to use for everybody.

Clean drinking water is essential for every human being and therefore important to have a safe supply for the daily need especially for the children still growing up. Fortunately we can help through donations to improve people’s lives for a better future while covering basic needs.

OTEC surprises children with a new playground

2014-03-05 16:19 by Thomas

In a small remote village in the district of Mae Hong Son which is about 6 hours by car from the second largest city Chiang Mai in Thailand, are around 45 children at a local village school. The school and the equipment are very, very basic and only reduced to the absolutely needed things. Due to the great support of OTEC, which concern about children is that they grow up in a safe and child like surrounding with the possibilities to develop and experience, we have been able to build a new playground. The whole place contains a climbing stand, a rotating carousel, a rocker for 4 children, a double slide and a swing for three kids and has been installed and secured next to the school building by volunteers of the Rain Tree Foundation . Now the kids can enjoy the playground and frolicking even during the school breaks which conjures a big smile on their faces. Thank you to all donors and especially to OTEC for their great support.