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Our Latest News

Foster Children - Rain TreeTeam Visits All Children

2015-11-05 14:36 by Thomas

Last week our team from the Rain Tree Foundation visited all foster children within our projects to see them personally, ensure they are well and healthy and discuss any issues together with our field staff and the family members. Thanks a lot to all foster parents who make us able to provide education, food, clothing and health care to over 100 children in Northern Thailand. The goal of our foster program is to support the families and children to attend school, providing better nutrition and clothing as well as access to health care and medical treatment. Hopefully we are able to help many more children in need in 2016. If you want to know more about our foster program, please contact us for English o via or for German via

ECHO Asia conference Chiang Mai

2015-10-20 16:07 by Thomas

It is almost 2 weeks ago when we gladly joined the biennial ECHO Asia conference held in Chiang Mai. We had such a great time with a lot new people we’ve met, the speakers who shared their knowledge and experience in the fields as well as in the afternoon workshops. Together ending hunger, share, show and learn from each other about community development, farming, techniques, programs, new practices and a lot more where just a few things to mention. We ourselves have been invited for and afternoon workshop to share our experience with water pumping devices, especially hydraulic ram pumps. Friday was the day to go out in the field to one of the many post conference tours where we when to a coffee farm to learn more about the whole picture of successful and sustainable farming. Afterwards we experienced a coffee cupping season and have been surprised on how many different flavors are hidden in these little coffee beans. Altogether it was great again with ECHO and all participants and hopefully everyone could take home some knowledge but also energy to continue the good work. More about our work on our webpage

130 Filters from the German Embassy

2015-10-14 11:18 by Thomas

Thank You to the German Embassy in Bangkok for their support of 130 families,  which now have access to clean and safe drinking water. For more information, just look at the German Embassy’s webpage or on their Facebook page.

Thanks to all for the ongoing support

2015-10-01 13:49 by Thomas

Thanks to all for the ongoing support to provide more and more families in need with safe and clean drinking water through bio sand water filters. As water is seen as a normal and usual object in the western world, it has high value and importance for the underprivileged people, especially when it comes to clean and drinkable water. If you also want to help to improve people’s lives, please contact us on

New Second Hand Shoes

2015-09-24 14:48 by Thomas

Thanks Joshua for the donation of second hand children shoes. They found already new feet to continue making big steps for a better future.


2015-09-16 13:56 by Thomas

By the end of August we had to let go our long term volunteers Christine, Dominik and Micha. After 1 year staying with us within villagers to help and teach English it was not easy to say goodbye. Our team, the teachers and children wish you all the best for your future and we hope you keep the time here in good memory.

But also we have a reason to look forward since Mara, Sarah, Cassandra and Jonathan continuing as volunteers and provide help within the villages and school by training, teaching and homework.

It is great to see young people spent their time, skills and knowledge towards the underprivileged and people in need, especially the children to give them the chance to have a better future.

If you are also interested to volunteer with us or for more information please have a look at our webpage for English or for German language.

Children Playground Opening

2015-09-04 13:34 by Thomas

Yippee, finally the new equipped playground for the almost 60 children in the children’s home has opened. The former bamboo workshop room has been upgraded to the new children’s playground. On mother’s day the parents and village committee came to hold the opening ceremony together with the children. Our intern Micha helped to decorate the room with posters, drawings and balloons. The toys been donated through a generous German group called “Chuay Leua Dek” which made it possible to get balls, ping pong rackets, card games, badminton set’s, rubber riding animal, posters, puzzles, learning and memory games, children books and a lot more. Thanks to all people involved to make the children happy and enable them to have the freedom and fun they deserve.

For all our German friends and anyone interested in what we do, please have a look on and “like” us on Facebook on the ThaiCare page.

More Eye Glasses Arrived

2015-08-11 11:06 by Thomas

Thanks to Simon, who was volunteering with us in the past. Presently he is on a holiday trip in Thailand and visits his former school again. Generously he hand carries 200 eye glasses for our "Give your old glasses a new face" eye glass project to us and we can send them to the various projects to improve people’s lives. Thanks for all the effort.

A small present for the best students

2015-08-05 13:46 by Thomas

One of the schools we support started again last week. After reviewing the student grades through the teacher team they nominated the best students from each class. It is our aim to encourage the children that hard work in school and learning is essential and fundamental for their future. So we rewarded each of the year’s best students with a little present and a celebration afterwards. Even little things can make a different – give it a try.

Beautification of a local school

2015-07-30 10:38 by Thomas

Last week the headmaster of a local school in Northern Thailand, which we work closely together and also is in charge of taking care of the foster children in this area, did an awesome job. He initiated a beautification of the whole school and facilities. Villagers, parents and all the children have been involved to color and paint walls, windows, chairs, tables to make them shine again in a bright and nice finish. Such a great initiative from the local community, showing that they all care about their children and the education facilities. This should be an example for other villages and communities to provide a caring and loving environment which even can be beautifully decorated to enjoy learning and study.