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ECHO / Partner Workshop

2011-01-26 06:08 by Matt Dennler

Around 30 participants from Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand came to learn and share about agricultural techniques. The team from Partners showed how to make compost with the help of rice brand and pigs. They showed how to grow Moringa and how to use it, how to grow mushrooms in the backyard, how to make soap, a lesson about fruit tree grafting and at least about Vermiculture which was held at Mae Jo University.

All topics were really interesting and practicable for the participants and  it wasn’t just theory what we’ve done because they have everything on their farm so we had to do things by ourselves too. The learning by doing practice was really exciting and gave us all a new perspective for upcoming projects and their use in the field.

The whole group was open-minded and we shared our experiences on several things we do or have done so far and it taught us how to implement the learned techniques in each specific area and surrounding. So after all we were packed with a lot of new ideas and solutions for future projects and farms. The ECHO team and the Partners team did a really great job and they are also willing to assist us in the future.


ECHO Workshop Mae Jo

New Website in January 2011

2011-01-10 07:08 by Matt Dennler

A brand new look !

The launch date of the new website will be around end of January 2011. A clear and easy navigation system will give an immediate overview of all written and displayed information ... every topic is only one click away !