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Mountain rides

2011-08-19 06:45 by Thomas

Our off-road vehicle (pick-up 4×4) is heavily used for our assignments and travels. More and more often it has to visit the workshop for repairs and maintenance. It is not uncommon that the car has to master over 500 kilometers on mountain roads for an assignment. Steep mountains, gravel, potholes, mud, winding roads, etc. Therefore, it is a must that our car has to be in good condition with working brakes and a reliable engine (see picture). At present there are some major repairs due and it makes little sense to invest that kind of money in our ‘old’ car. The better solution would be to sell the car off and trade it in for newer second hand truck in good condition. However, our financial situation doesn’t allow to make such an investment. Perhaps there is someone out there who would like to help us with € 10,000 .- in order for us to continue our community development projects in the mountains in a secure and efficient way. Thank you.

Present for Foster Child in Mae La Noi

2011-08-16 05:39 by Thomas

The Children of our Foster Project are particularly depended on a monthly support from a sponsorship. Their families are in poor and desperate situations, which makes it impossible for the parents to raise them in a healthy way and nourish them. You can sponsor a child living at one of our projects for €25. – per month. We ensure that 100 % of your financial help will be used for the children needs.(If you are interested to learn more about becoming a foster parent, please contact us direct ( or for information in German please contact (

Last week we were happy and privileged to deliver a bicycle from a foster parent from Germany. The foster child and his family were exceedingly happy to receive this precious gift. It is always a privilege to witness these kind of situations and it motivates us to continue with our foster program. Let me take this blog to thank you for partnering with us providing children with a education and a brighter future.

Honoring the best students with awards in a Mae Hong Sorn School

2011-08-01 04:09 by Thomas

On Tuesday, July 19th, the Raintree Foundation was invited to take part in the ceremony to honor the best students of the year. Raintree Foundation started to support the school financially at the beginning of this year. The school was doomed to close down, since there wasn’t enough finances to secure the operation of the school.

We arrived at the school at 9 in the morning and had a short meeting with the head master and the teachers. The ceremony started at 10 o’clock and finished with a delicious meal at 12 o’clock. It was a pleasure to witness this ceremony and to see the happy faces of the children and teachers. After all, this school was supposed to close and is now flourishing and expanding. We would like to thank all the involved parties to make this possible.

Donnation of 6 Computers from SPB Software June 2011

2011-07-11 08:30 by Thomas

Mr. Sebastian from SPB Software donated a total of 6 second hand computers to Raintree Foundation. The computers are installed in our children homes in the Mae Chaem area. We herewith would like to thank SPB Software for their generous gift. The kids are very happy to have computers. They use the computers mainly to study English but not only for that, we connected the computers to the internet as well, which connects them with the “world”. The Raintree Foundation is committed to help the disadvantaged and your donation contributes greatly to our aim. Thank you.

SPB Software Computers   SPB Software Computer

New School in Mae Hong Son

2011-06-17 06:14 by Thomas

Last week we could open our first school project with 45 children, 6 teachers and one head master. We help in a small hill tribe village in Mae Hong Song province, where the children have had no other chance to attend school. The curriculum is prepared by the teachers and we additionally try to maintain the tribal culture, create transparency, encourage environmental responsibility, work with gender and health issues. It is our goal to impact the whole village through community development in a holistic approach with education for a better future. Our initial starting point is the school project where we made a long term commitment. The villagers built themselves the new school building, a simple practical bamboo structure. Once the school operates smoothly we will follow up with our next steps, providing clean drinking water and address other environmental issues. At this stage we want to give our special thanks to our friend Yosi who helped with financial support for the teachers salaries and made this possible.


Karen Coffee

2011-06-06 06:39 by Thomas

After we started the coffee co-op up in the mountains in northern Thailand last year, 2010, the farmers brought around 6 tons of coffee cherries to the co-op for processing. After processing the coffee cherries, the coffee co-op produced about 1300 kg of green coffee beans for the market.

In June, the coffee was shipped to Bangkok for further processing and roasting. We are wondering as to how the coffee is going to taste in a cup!

Coffee harvest

Karen Coffee

Tim’s volunteer report

2011-05-10 03:13 by Thomas

Tim’s volunteer report

I’ve made a visit to Ranong province and monitored the locals in providing possible assistance to children at the center. I have also met and discussed various issues over the developments of the children’s future. So far, the education of the children is at good status since they earned good grades in exams. Field visit this time has brought more mutual relationship between me, the leader as well as the children

I also spend quality times with the children in teaching English educational songs as well as playing games with them. Moreover, I also spend PE (Physical Education) time with them for good health. In the meantime this is to build both physical and mental refreshment. All children enjoyed singing with actions and I can see that they also learnt fast.

I traveled to Koh Payam Island as well, where I check on a existing water systems of the villagers. Many of them are relying on a single well for there daily needs. It was a good time for me to be there as I also had a chance to talk with villagers and encouraged them on different issues about life. The villagers include all ages, from elderly, youth and young children. We also bring some snacks and food for the children for their happiness. Our aim is to set up a self sufficiency in that area so that one day, they could stand on their own for their survival. .

Koh Payam IslandVillage in Koh Payam

Activities with the kidsConsulting leaders

BioSand Filter Installation in Phayao

2011-04-28 07:46 by Thomas

On Thursday, April 20, the Raintree team has made the second trip to Phayao for installing another 36 BioSand Filters. So far, 97 families have received such a filter and therefore don’t need to spend money on buying drinking water any longer.
In total, Rotary Club Coquitlam, Canada ( donated 127 units BioSand Filters. There will be one more trip to Phayao in May, to install the last 30 units.


Proud new BioSand Filter owners, Phayao

The proud new BioSandFilter Owners

Ram Pump installation Mae Hong Son (Part 1)

2011-04-28 02:36 by Thomas

Last Sunday a team of the Raintree Foundation went up to Mae Hong Son, where we’ve done a survey last month for the installation of a ram pump. In that area, where common power sources are rare, we want to implement the ram pump which operates without gasoline and/or electricity. We started with building the catchment for the supply pipeline which has to be strong and stable to withstand the heavy rainfalls and spring floods. Then a 4 inch PVC pipe was laid until we reached a height difference of 20 meters to ground level. That point was quite difficult because the measurements we did before with a GPS device and an altitude meter weren’t correct. Instead of the 20 meters needed so we just reached 15 meters. The solution was to go further down, a few hundred meters, to finally get the 20 meters needed, to pump the water 240 meters up to the village. It was quite exhausting because of the steep and slippery ground. It took us the whole week and a lot of teamwork to finish just the supply pipe. Probably next month we will go again and hopefully see the water pump working as planned with a steady water supply for the village.

Ram Pump Installation

Mae Hong Son


Community Training Completed

2011-01-26 06:18 by Matt Dennler

The topic's of the training included promoting healthy lifestyle, hygiene, family planning, financial management, solutions for all sorts of addictions and social problems. We trust that this knowledge will enable the community leaders to have a positive impact for the people they are working with. The community leaders are working mainly among seas gypsies villages in Ranong province, South Thailand. During the past year we already saw some positive results and we look forward to further help those communities. Since the Tsunami impacted the Moken people we could help them through child educational projects and are committed to further help them.