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Why Support Us

For 20 years we have been working in the field of humanitarian help in Thailand. We can call upon a wealth of experience to enable children to have a better future and we support people to move successfully from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Our team is well educated and experienced in their field of work. Through skill-based assignment of volunteers and staff we can manage our different projects successfully. We generally work with local staff in our projects and profit from their local perspective, their knowledge and knowhow.

We never stop learning. Our projects are not the same, nor are the problems and the people. Breaking new grounds and producing new ideas are all motivating parts and are the basic principle of our work.

The Rain Tree Foundation is a small organization with a lean management team. Everything we do is focused on our aim of giving tribe people in Thailand a better future and fairer life.

We are working on the spot and visit all our projects as often as possible to guarantee a lasting and reliable support.

The Rain Tree Foundation is a credible partner; we are working with our mind and heart, as this is the basis of our commitment.

Respect, reliability, sustainability and responsibility are values which underlie everything we do.
We attach great importance in always using environmentally friendly ways and means in our daily work and are always looking to save the culture of the tribes.