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About Us

The Rain Tree Foundation

Thai Care e.V.

The Rain Tree Foundation is a social welfare organization focusing on helping the poor in Thailand.

The main focus is:

  • Children education
  • Water projects
  • Community projects

We work in rural areas with various types of projects, majorly children projects,  with a practical and grass root orientation. Through education and self sustainability we help those in need so that they can help themselves.
The Rain Tree Foundation is a relief and development organization that is registered under the Ministry of Interior in Thailand.

Thai Care e.V. is a non profit organization which supports the interests of the Rain Tree Foundation in Thailand.

The main focus is:

  • Promote projects in Thailand
  • Management of volunteers
  • Administration of the foster project

The German organization was founded in June 2010 and in August 2010, Thai Care was registered in the register of associations at the local court of Oldenburg (Lower Saxony) under the number VR 200 871 and by the certificate from the tax authorities, Tax-No. 64/220/17840 from the 30th August, 2010, we have been recognized as a charitable organization and therefore donations to us are tax deductible.

Our shared goals are to help disadvantaged people in Northern Thailand out of poverty, to change the quality of their lifes for the better and to enable a better future. The organizations are closely linked and work together intensively. To deepen our corporate action we now have a common logo and webpage.

Our Organigram

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